My face, it's a kind of logo now, since I didn't redesign a good one.

Lucas Bonomi

Frontend Developer

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About me

Hey, that's my face

Hi, I'm Lucas Bonomi, and French. I'm a front-end developer & Web designer.
I currently live in the south of France, previously in San Francisco & Paris before that.

I'm passionate about the web and a CSS enthusiast! I'm always coding or experimenting with new things.
My goal is to make a better web by providing new concepts and sharing my knowledge.
You can follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to get updates about my work.

I've worked in the IT industry for over years.
I'm a proud member of bullgit & Co-founder at Rocket-Design.
Here are some companies I've worked with & some projects I contributed to:

If you think we could work together, I'm available for
freelance contract, or any full time position. Feel free to drop
me an Email.

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