Hi, my Name is Lucas. I'm a front-end designer and an hybrid WebCraftsMan.

Responsive images with css

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Hi guys ! Today I want to talk about a specific topic, which is The Responsives images or at least, "How to change images relatively to the screen size" , we will make an overview, from the concept to the realisation ! Ready ? Go !

02 Nov 2013

The sub domains era

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I'm on holidays, its Seven in the morning, and for some dark reasons, I can't get out of my head the discussion I had with some friends about the mobiles subdomains.

23 Oct 2013

I love my dev group

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In this year 2013 I've found a bunch of intersting & happy folks, and I want to explain you why I love them, and why it's so awesome to have a such group. So I take the opportunity to tell you why while I'm on a travel to visit my parents, in the south of France.

19 Oct 2013

A little word about EasUI

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if you never heard anything about EasUI, its pretty normal, I started this project some month ago, like 2-3 and its growing everyday ! (Or every 4days, if I look at it on github :) )