Lucas Bonomiaka LukyVj

My most advanced projects

Search What's Missing from CSS
I've took the compiled results of the whatsmissingfromcss.com website and put them into a nifty search experience, powered by Algolia
LukyShawty Playlist
Page containing the spotify music I tweet with @LukyShawty, this account is crawled twice a day to look for new tweets, using Spotify API to enrich the data,and pushed to an Algolia index
BlurHash Playground
I've built this small app to play around with the BlurHash format, you can upload images and get their blurash representation either as images, CSS background or more!
This website is a project I'm having a lot of fun with, it's sole purpose is to show the location of a NPC in the Online game Red Dead Redemption
Family.scss is a set of SCSS mixins that will help you master the use of nth-child elements with CSS!
Colofilter is a set of CSS classes that will help you reproduce DuoTone images directly in CSS
[DEPRECATED] Colorify is one of my biggest 1st JS project, it's a script that will return a color/gradient based on images on a page.
AcceCSS is a project I'm quite proud of, it's a set of SVG filters that you can load onto your website using CSS/SVG and it will replicate the most common colorblindness filters in order for you to test your website for color-blind people. Note that goolge added this to chrome 5 years after I've made this project!